Serenity 360 services is located in Perth, Western Australia and provide support services for people living with a disability.

At Serenity 360 services, our team puts the participant at the forefront of decision making, giving greater value to participants’ voices to have control over their life and support needs. Our mission statement “Enabling people living with disability to achieve their goals” aligns perfectly with our visionof supporting the participant to have a fulfilled life that reflects a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Our team achieves this by being intentional in action, purpose, relationships, and friendships. We strive to fulfil our purpose with each whom we support. We are about empowering our participants so they can take complete control in making their life choices as we do what we love to do; providing quality services.

Our Philosophy

‘Serenity’ is a philosophy that gives a deep meaning of having a steady mind and spirit of being in the world no matter the challenges. Awake in the morning… aware…steady… living… day ends… steady. Challenges and adventure come and go, however, deep within is calm. At serenity 360services, calm is contagious, tranquil environments are refreshing because we strive to provide 360 degrees kind of support; an all-round personalised and quality service that obviously wear well on the faces of our participants and their families.

For people living with disabilities and their families, we understand the challenges associated with supporting someone in need. Our goal is to make Serenity 360 Services feel like home: a safe, secure, and nurturing place where everyone feels free to be themselves and live their lives to the fullest.

Our Service Delivery Approach

Serenity 360 services work with each participant closely, ensuring that their voice is heard. We empower and encourage our participants to take a lead in decision making. Our commitment and passion is to pursue and support the implementation of their choices. Individual goals/plans are drawn together with participants to ensure that participants fully optimise the benefits from our service provision.

Serenity 360 services have a team that is highly trained and experienced in providing support to our participants. We embrace quality and person-centred approaches which reflect to others what is possible for people living with a disability. Our team serve people living with a disability while living out our values of Respect, Empathy, Empowerment and Excellence.

We build strong connections with the families, community, other organisations, and government to collaboratively achieve our purpose.

Serenity 360 Services places the safety of our participants at the forefront of our operational procedures. We endeavour to provide a safe environment for all our participants, staff, and stakeholders. During a disaster or emergency, our team will adhere to the policy framework and work within any additional guidelines and instructions provided by state and federal government authorities to our organisation. Serenity 360 Services create support plans for each participant through a consultation process that incorporate what happens before, during and after any emergency and disaster. We identify risks and barriers to services through our feedback processes, consultation with stakeholders and put systems in place to mitigate the risks and address the barriers.

Serenity 360 Services embrace diversity and inclusivity. We recognise respect promotes and celebrates the value of diversity. We are committed to social inclusion and community participation, in both the delivery and expansion of services, for our participants. Our team will work in partnership with the community and individuals. This includes but is not exclusive to culturally and linguistically diverse groups, people with different sexual orientations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, religion, disability, age, or developmental stage.

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