Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our vision for the people living with disability.

  • To have a fulfilled life that reflects a healthy body, mind and spirit by being intentional in action, purpose, relationships and friendships.
  • To be accepted for who they are and be part of a community that looks beyond disability.
  • To be empowered and supported in making their choices.

Our vision for Serenity 360 Services

  • To embrace quality and person-centred approach which will reflect to others what is possible for people living with disability.
  • To serve people living with disability in Australia, while living out our values of Respect, Empathy, Empowerment and Excellence.
  • To build strong connections with the families, community, other organisations and government so as to collaboratively achieve our purpose.

Our mission statement

Enabling people living with disability to achieve their goals.

Our Values


We uphold our clients and staff with the highest level of respect and equality by recognising their diversity and individuality.


We are committed to understanding your feelings and situations through our conversations, decisions and actions.


We seek to empower by valuing your abilities and goals as well as supporting your learning and experience.


We pride in taking the responsibility to achieve excellence through our person-centred and family-centred approach in care.

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